Unique steering wheel design

Chevron wants to give its customers new ways to enjoy mobility; this is why it has introduced a unique steering wheel design. The company wants to reinvent the steering wheel and free the customers from the responsibility of driving the car. It presented the augmented driving concept in late 2019 and it became a headline immediately. It is something not seen or heard before. The company’s customers are excited to enjoy this new driving experience.

This concept is great news for those people who want to get the experience of driving without actually driving the car. Some people don’t like to drive at all, but they are forced to drive because they don’t have other options. Some people don’t like driving in certain conditions, like in a traffic jam, or if they are not feeling well. So, with this innovation, they don’t need to drive, their car would drive itself. It would save many people from trouble and it would be helpful for people with disabilities too.

This concept was presented by Chevron at CES 2020, which is an annual trade show. This show is managed by the Consumer Technology Association and it is the biggest tech event in the world. The company presented this concept along with some images. Through these images, people were able to understand what the vehicle would look like once the technology is deployed. The biggest feature and attraction of this concept was the steering wheel, which as we have mentioned before has been completely reinvented by the company.

Now, you may be thinking, just like a traditional steering wheel, its only function would be to navigate the vehicle from right to left, but it’s not true. It does much more than that. The steering wheel is extremely interactive and can be used to perform different functions. You can use it to start the vehicle, for which you have to pat the wheel twice. You can also use it to accelerate or decelerate the car. It can also be used to apply the brakes.