Recovering gas resources through the Alder Field

The Alder Field is located in the Central North Sea, in the United Kingdom. It is located around 100 miles away from the Scottish coastline at a water depth of 150m. This field is expected to hold the reserves of 4,820 million standard cubic meters of gas. It started production in 2016 and Chevron is operating it since 2014, when the company announced that they will invest in this project.

It’s a high-temperature, high-pressure gas field discovered in 1975, however at that time recovering resources from this field were considered impossible due to the challenging conditions. But, with the use of the right technology, it was made possible to develop this field and today this project is adding to the company’s and the country’s natural gas production.

Chevron has made a huge investment in the United Kingdom for the development of different fields. The purpose was simple; to fulfill the world’s need for natural gas and liquid condensate. They have made a total investment of 5.25 billion dollars on different products in the UK. This project has also created thousands of job opportunities as well as it has encouraged new and small businesses to grow.

Through this project, not only Chevron is increasing the country’s reserves of natural gas, but it’s providing economic benefits too. They are relying on local businesses to provide them with goods and services needed to run this project. They have given around 660 million dollars in contract to different companies in Scotland and England. Furthermore, they have paid more than 5 billion dollars in taxes to the government. 70% of the products used for this project are provided by local companies.

Even though it was to not easy to run this project successfully, given the conditions, Chevron managed to make it successful through the use of innovative technology. They adopted the best approach and hired the best talent to make sure the best results could be achieved. They are using the best equipment and the best tools to recover the resources. Their hardworking team has worked collaboratively so that this field can give the maximum output.