Products through the refining process

The refining process is of great importance in the field of energy. The products of any oil and gas company are only as good as its process of refining. Chevron uses the best refining technologies and it’s because of its great refining process that its products are trusted and used by customers all around the globe.

Refineries have an important part to play in most of the businesses, but they are of extreme importance in the field of petroleum. They help them in refining crude oil and turn them into products that each one of us uses every day.

Through the use of the latest technology their refineries take crude oil and refine it into gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and fuel oil. They also refine other feedstocks. Their refineries refine hundreds of thousands of crude oil every day. They ensure everyone who needs fuel around the world get it on time and in the best quality.

Whatever work they do and whatever tasks they perform their priority is to operate safely and they are committed to protecting the environment as well. They are using the latest technologies and have made suitable changes to their machinery over the years to prevent loss and protect the environment. Employee safety is among their top priorities and they are promoting injury-free operations, while still giving the best performance.

The company has 6 key refineries that refine 95 percent of the total crude oil the company produces. Five of these refineries are located in Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, California, and Richmond, and El Segundo. These refineries produce products for nations in the Pacific Basin. Whereas the sixth refinery is located in Pascagoula, Mississippi. It manufactures products for the countries in the Atlantic Basin.

It is the hard work of the employee of the company that allows you to use gasoline in your cars and diesel in trucks. Their project team works collectively to deliver great results. It is the result of that hard work and planning that the company has managed to replace 6 drums in the El Segundo refinery that were installed in the 1960s with the updated versions.