It is one of the biggest oil and gas project

Jack St. Malo is one of the most exciting projects of Chevron and is undoubtedly a very productive project. This project is being carried out around 451 km south of New Orleans, Louisiana. Every year, the demand for oil and gas is increasing and not just steadily. The resources were limited, so it was feared that soon the world would run of sufficient energy that it needs. So, to address this issue and prevent this situation from happening, Chevron started many projects.

The purpose of these projects is to find new resources of oil and gas and use every skill and technology possible to give the world the energy it needs. Jack St. Malo is one of those projects and has the capability of producing around 500 million barrels of oil.

Unlike many other projects, it is a deepwater project, and this means the company is trying to recover oil from extreme depths. Even though it’s not easy to work in such depth under intense pressure, they have proved that with utter commitment and planning, everything is possible. They have shown that even if it’s not easy anymore to produce oil, with innovation and teamwork, you can achieve everything.

So far, the project has been hugely successful, not only with the production of oil and gas but also with helping people by providing them with jobs and business opportunities. In 2018, it produced 21 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. The same year, it produced 140,000 barrels of oil per day. It has a production lifespan of 30 years, so this means it’s going to serve the world for a long time.

When this program started, the company wanted to do something that they had not done before. The program itself was a different one if you look at the fact that they have to operate in deeper water under cold conditions. The only thing that made this project less complicated was their collaboration and innovations that made it successful. It has allowed them to address the world’s growing energy demand and providing economic and social benefits along the Gulf Coast.