It develops quality additives around the world

Chevron is known for producing quality products and one such product is an additive that is required to improve the quality of lubricants and fuels. These additives are manufactured, marketed, and sold by Chevron Oronite.

Chevron has been manufacturing additives for more than 100 years and today it’s a leading name in the industry. Throughout their history they have achieved several technology breakthroughs in the additives industry. Most of the innovations in this industry belong to Chevron.

As you know, to improve the performance of a lubricant and a fuel additive is required. The additive is mixed with the lubricant or fuel in an appropriate quantity and it improves their quality.
Chevron sells additives through Oronite, which is a subsidiary of the company. It is responsible for manufacturing lubricants and fuel additives and chemicals. It is also responsible for its marketing as well as selling it. They produce finished lubricants that are used in the cars, buses, trucks, ships, bikes, and tractors. These finished lubricants are also used in industrial equipments.

The additives play different roles including enhancing base oil properties. It is also important to give new properties to base oils. This is done with extreme pressure additives, tackiness agents, and metal deactivators. An additive also plays an important role in suppressing or removing some base oil properties.

The company manufactured additives, which reduce friction and wear, inhibit corrosion, control oxidation, and also help to dissolve deposits. By this, it improves the performance of engine, which means it reduces the emissions. Fewer emissions are also good for the environment, so it can be said that their lubricants can help environment as well.

They are using the latest technology to do research and manufacture the best products, which can help vehicles and machines to give their maximum output. They are also working to improve the reliability of and engine and maximize its efficiency as well as maximize its lifespan.