How to Payment

Chevron provides the easiest way imaginable for the payment of the credit card bill. Paying the bills has always been difficult for people but Chevron Texaco has made it very simple.

Whether your bill is in hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars you can pay it in just a few minutes. You will not have to go anywhere to pay for it. You can pay it by just sitting at home or even when you are working in the office. Also you can make the payment easily from your mobile or laptop.

How to Payment - Chevron Texaco Credit Card

How to Payment – Chevron Texaco Credit Card

The method is pretty simple and even if you don’t have much knowledge about computers or the internet you can do it easily. But, before you can avail this service you must make sure that you have an online account. Because for doing any task related to credit cards including making the payment you need to have an online account. You can make the online account for your personal or business card in a simple way that will not take much longer.

Log in and pay the bill

You will able to log in if your account is registered from the Synchrony bank’s website. Once you get it registered from there you can log into it from the same website. First, go to Chevron Texaco credit cards page and hit the sign-in button.

You will be taken to a new page for authentication purposes. There you will have to give your username and password the same as what you gave when registering your account. After providing the required information, click on the Secure Login button. You will get access to your account and you will able to download invoices, check your purchases history, and pay the bill.

Paying the bill is a pretty straightforward process. But, before you proceed you first need to decide how much amount you want to pay. You are provided with two options by Chevron and Texaco; pay the full bill or the minimum amount. You can pay what suits you at the moment. Once you have decided that, go to the billing section, select the amount and pay.