Exploring natural gas resources

One of the biggest resource development programs in Australia, the Wheatstone project is the country’s first natural gas hub. It is operated by Chevron and has a possible lifespan of 25 years. It’ss providing great benefits to the Australian economy, not only it is supplying the energy it has great economic benefits as it generates revenue and provides business and job opportunities.

The basic purpose of this project is to process gas from Wheatstone, Julimar, Brunello, and lago gas fields. Its offshore platform is located in Western Australia. It also operates two LNG trains and a domestic gas plant. The two LNG trains have a capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per annum.

This project along with the Gorgon project has helped Chevron become the leading gas supplier in the Asia-Pacific region. It is one of the biggest resource projects in Australia and is providing great benefits to the country. Furthermore, it provides natural gas to the country and the foreign countries. It has helped them in meeting their fuel needs. It is creating new job opportunities for the residents of the country. As of now, thousands of employees are associated directly with the company.

The company is working with different small and big companies and has awarded them with billions of dollars in contracts for providing goods and services. They have helped the local business to compete in a tough environment. Chevron’s projects have a significant impact on the economy and are providing long-term benefits.

This project is expected to provide job opportunities to 150,000 people in Australia (directly and indirectly). More than 900 contracts will be awarded to the local suppliers. More than 300 billion dollars with be generated as government revenue. It is also adding to Australia’s GDP. They have spent more than 10 billion dollars on local goods and services.

Furthermore, they are working with the government to ensure the success of this program. They are also collaborating with the local communities to work on health, education, and environmental issues. Their team is dedicated to exploring new gas resources, without compromising on safety or natural environment.