Better driving experience with roadside assistance

Did your car ever break down while you are traveling on the road? Did your car’s tire got punctured while you were on a trip with your family? Whether or whether not you got help, you know how disturbing it is when your journey is delayed and you are just standing on the road helpless.

The company realized this and offered its customers a great service known and roadside assistance. It can help you at a time when you may not get help from anywhere else. It is available to consumers in 50 states of the USA and Canada for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are on the road it can often happen that your car runs out of fuel, and sometimes there is no fuel station nearby. In such a case, you can call them to get help. They will supply fuel to you, so you can continue your journey.

Sometimes, it happens that your car breaks down and you don’t find help for hours. They help you in such a case as well, if you call them they will send a highly trained technician that would repair your car, and get it ready to run as soon as possible.
If it can’t be repaired on the road and needs to be taken to the workshop, they will tow it to the nearest local authorized dealer, so it can be repaired. They can also take it to an authorized service facility.

If you are on a trip and your car breaks down, they will reimburse for reasonable expenses such as lodging, meals, and transportation. But, for this to apply your location should be at least 150 miles away from your home.

If you face any of the above-described problems you can call them to get help. You will have to provide some information including your name, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle mileage, vehicle location, and description of your vehicle’s problem. You can also get help by pushing the button on your rearview mirror.